I get an adrenaline rush when I get a good deal. I can almost feel my levels of serotonin rise when I see lowered prices, coupons and clearance racks. SALE is one of my favorite words. But, it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, my mom reminded me recently of a time when I would become absolutely mortified when she would use a coupon and confirm with the sales clerk over and over again, “that’s on sale, right?” For goodness sakes, she used to pay for things in CHANGE!!! It drove me crazy.

But, as girls often do, I’ve become my mother. * gasp * Sometimes that’s tougher to swallow than other days. But if you know my mom, it’s a tremendous compliment. She is truly amazing. So now, I joyfully clip and collect coupons out of the weekly mailers and online lists. I scour the sale papers and rip out pages of the things I like. I live for sites like RetailMeNot where I can find the best possible deals. I dart for clearance rack and red stickers in every store. Why??? Because I like to save a buck? Yes. But honestly? I really get a rush on it. If bargain hunting was an Olympic Sport, I’d be a record setting gold medalist. If it were a drug, I’d be avoiding rehab. And, if it were a crime, I’d be in prison, long ago. You get the picture.

Every once in a while I stumble across an amazing and, even better, an unexpected deal. I kind of said a silent promise to myself to try and not buy too much for the new house this far in advance. I’m sure Ryan would appreciate that. After all, we’re still a few months from moving and we have to find room to store and then move all that stuff when the time comes. I would only buy something if it practically kicked me in the face and I HAD to have it.

I dropped into Pier 1 yesterday while waiting for Ryan to get off work so we could do a Costco run together. I rounded the corner and saw these canvas prints tucked behind some other prints.

Yeah, they kicked me in the face. I had to have them. Much to my joy I noticed a red sticker. No, they were no longer $49.95, but $29.95 instead. I weighed it out in my head and played with the logic. “Would you still want them if they were $49.95?” YES! “Do you even have a place to put them in the new house.” YES! “Are they really that cool?” OMG, YES!! I tried to hurry to the cashier before Ryan arrived.

*DOH* Almost made it. So, I marketed them to Ryan in my best sales pitch. “Ok so these are amazing and I really really love them and I want them and they are on sale and they would look so amazing in the dining room of the new house and I love everything about them and they are on clearance and it’s a great price and they are in great shape and I might die if I don’t get them.”

HIM: “Ok, then get them.”

Oh my gosh, I love him.

So I prance on over to the register, absolutely happy as a clam, and the sales guy rings them up as Ryan tries to pursue the clerk to discount them more due to a tiny little smudge on one of them (I’m rubbing off on him). And then the sales guy says my favorite words, “Actually, they are on sale in addition to the markdown. They are $19.95” And I want to die from happiness. I couldn’t stop grinning as we walked out of that store… and for most of the night… and when I got up this morning and saw them propped against the wall.


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