Though friends and family have referred to this as the “pile of sticks” phase… and to some point it is, I like to call it the “Bones” phase. That way, the house has life and it’s just starting to really take shape. Sunday was a good day. Seeing this brought me immense happiness and peace at the same time.

We walked through the floorplan, declaring “this is the garage”, “this is the kitchen”, “this is the dining room” and so forth. I think our smiles just got wider and wider as we started to come to realize that our home is very quickly becomming a reality.

In some ways it looks very very big, but when you walk through it, it still seems small. Everthing is deceiving at this point. It feels good being there either way. Looking out our future front door…

Standing on our floors…
And smiling at each other… knowing that Home Sweet Home is coming soon.

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