Spring is nearly upon us in the valley. This is evidenced by the wildlife around our home “springing to life” once again. Though the birds are admittedly pretty annoying most of the time (especially that one that goes “EEEE EEEE EEEE!!!” late at night), I do love to see the quail scurry around, the sandpipers wading through the puddles and to hear the sound of that majestic owl that I’ve seen only once at dawn. It was huge and gorgeous.

Our newest visitors are the sweetest little family of bunny rabbits that I just adore. I have affectionately named the mommy, “Bunn Bunn” and her two little babies “Bunnitas” (and yes I realize that I’m like, 2 years old). They are super duper shy so getting a photo of them has been more than difficult. They slowly hop out each afternoon and nibble on the big blades of grass in our lawn. And once they see me in the kitchen or popping my head by the window, they run like heck back to their hiding place. They are so sweet and they have the cutest little white cotton tails. 🙂

I love spring!!!


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