In case you haven’t caught on, this is going to be a weekly thing, ok? 🙂 And hopefully you don’t get sick of seeing our house. If so, I’m sorry. It’s probably one of the best/most exciting/biggest blessings we’ve experienced.

I forgot my “good” camera this week so these pictures are brought to you by our iPhones. They aren’t the best but…. WE HAVE A ROOF!!!

And some windows and doors…
And the beginnings of a fireplace…
And some wiring and plumbing…
And I’m finally going to have my “big girl bath”… I love taking baths…

2 thoughts on “Yet another house update

  1. Kathy says:

    You don't know me (I'm Nathan's mom), but I have been enjoying your house posts via his blog site. We built our house when Nathan was 2, so I understand what you're feeling. Seeing a house come together from the ground up makes it more a part of you when it's done. Have fun!Kathy Pearsey

  2. The Corums says:

    Kathy, thanks so much for reading and for following our "journey". It's been tough at time but such a great experience too. We can hardly wait to start nesting. 🙂

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