It’s so hard to get caught up after I get behind in blogging! It becomes this weighing out in my head of what is important enough to write about and what I should just let go. The problem is, I usually have a ton to write about something but no pictures, or a ton of pictures but really nothing to say. I guess I just have to cut my losses at some point…

We’ve been so busy lately! Ryan and I just got off the phone and were talking about how dead tired we are. This “run” of events started with our walk-thru inspection at the house on Thursday. It looks like the house is now wearing a cozy black sweater! The walk-thru went fantastic and the house is well on its way to sheet rock and stucco…the final tough construction phase before all the cosmetic stuff begins – flooring, painting, fixtures and cabinets. It still feels kind of dreamlike. I can’t believe it’s our house and in a matter of what? 10 weeks or so. I’m not sure I know what to do with myself.

That night I headed out to a super top secret and exciting mission with a family member. However, I cannot blog about that so let’s move on… 😉

On Friday night I started the adventure that is Stella and Dot! I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it at this point. 🙂 I’m really excited for all this will bring for me – life outside of my 8 to 5 job and an outlet to express my creativity and desire to build better relationships and friendships with women. Not to mention, that extra pocket money for sprucing up the house and paying off a few things. I hope my local friends can make it to the launch in April! Seriously cute jewelry, girls!!!

Consequently, I also figured out that someone had stolen my debit card number the same night… what a drag! I’m sorting it out, though, to Ryan’s delight, I am out of an ATM card for the next week or two.

On Saturday we attended the beautiful wedding of our friend Heidi to her groom Jason. It was a lovely ceremony in Fresno. I liked the overall feel of their ceremony. It was very simple but so genuine and emotional. And, Heidi looked so stunning in her dress! Being there ignited memories in Ryan and I of our own wedding and of our deep love for each other… so hard to believe it was almost a year and half ago.

Later that night we headed to a movie, which shall remain nameless because it was so bad, and dinner at the Doghouse Grill. Yummy. Dont’ ask me why I only got a picture of our beers??? They just look really picturesque I guess.

Sunday was a whirlwind day which I can barely sort out in my head… there was church, then running to my parent’s house to change and grab Jackson (who tagged along for the day), out to lunch with Jackson…who likely got overheated in the crazy warm sun we had this weekend!

Then… out to Woodlake to adopt a new dog (who will join us at our new home when we move). He is being fostered until he can come and join us at home. Everyone, meet Amos!!! Isn’t he sweet?!

… Then back to Visalia, quick stop for coffee, back to my parent’s house then back out to show them the house. It was the first time that we actually got to show the house to anyone.

Jackson likes his new home!!
Hey, a sidewalk! I think?
It was also the first time anyone was around to take OUR picture in front of our home

… then back to my parents, a brief rest, and then dinner out with some girlfriends. We had such a blast at Chili’s… for like 3 hours. Thanks for the laughs, girls. I really needed that.

What a great weekend! I’m really looking forward to this next weekend. Ryan has a surprise in store for me. I know we are headed somewhere and we’ll be back by Sunday night but I have no idea what else he has up his sleeve. Should I be scared???


One thought on “One heckuv’ an update

  1. Amy says:

    Another dog?!?!?! And you called us crazy?! LOL! Jackson will LOVE having a playmate! (I think!) Toby and Lily sure do love playing with each other. Amos is a cutie!

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