Friday was a very special day as the Punt/Corum/Wright family got the privilege of celebrating the 55th birthday of this lovely lady…
Isn’t she beautiful? I love my mom so incredibly much and can’t believe she turned 55??! I don’t think she looks even close to 50! But maybe that’s because she has always been so young at heart. It’s been a real joy watching as motherhood has turned to friendship between my mother and I. And, even better, getting to watch the love story of my parents unfold, married 35 years on April 12th. Wow!
We gathered together at one of my mom’s favorite restaurant’s Henry Salazar’s and indulged in lots of delicious Mexican food.
Our little family sure has grown over the past few weeks…
After dinner we headed to my parent’s house to indulge in some yummy dessert, the ceremonial opening of the presents and some fun times together.
The woman even made her own birthday dessert!
But she had some helpers eating and serving it!
Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and wish you many more years of fun, family and celebrations together!

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