After a pretty exhausting/stressed day at work on Tuesday, I needed to see something positive and cheer up a bit, so I headed on over to the house to check out the progress. I realized while driving there that it had been a week and a half since we last visited. As soon as I saw it, even almost a half mile away, I started to smile.

I was delighted to see it covered in stucco. It’s moving right along! I wanted to walk through the interior but there was a work man there doing some stuff. I chose not to bother him and stay within the confines of the car.

As I headed out, I noticed new lot signs going up on our block and this sign on the lot next to ours…

So it looks like we’re getting a new neighbor. Exciting and scary at the same time. I don’t really like being alone on this side of the block, but you can’t choose your neighbors, so it’s a real gamble. I’m just praying that they will be great people that we’ll get along with well. If not? What’s that saying – “Good fences make great neighbors”? 😉

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