Newsflash: I’m completely and totally stressed out right now. S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D out to the max. You see, I work in a seasonal publishing business. A business that is always kind of humming along, but right around springtime becomes less of a hum and more of a deafening roar. A roar that last about 8 weeks. 8 weeks of honestly, hellish amounts of work, complaints, phone calls, emails, errors, irate customers, whining, begging, screaming, crying (behind closed doors), bargaining, problem solving, tracking, backtracking and surviving. Also, to add salt to the wound, it’s a fairly thankless job, but it is my job and I am grateful to have it. But… poor Ryan… he must put up with me and pretend to love living with me and loving me this time of year. It must be difficult. He does a good great job.

If you factor in the stress of us building and moving into a new home in less than 6 weeks and all of the things that come with that, me starting a new business on the side (what was I thinking?) and add in some more unmentionable stress… you have me. An unpredictable Tasmanian devil of a woman that is one more incident away from totally losing it.

So, imagine my surprise this afternoon when an email came from a “big wig” in the business, personally thanking me for my contributions with one particular client (which I have undoubtedly worked myself to death for) and passing on some glowing words shared about me.

I immediately started crying.

This is my response when I don’t know what else to do. Thank God it was an email and not in person. I was grateful and desperately needed to hear something good to keep me going. What I got was more than that. I treasure moments like this… thus my need to share.

I can make it this next 8 weeks. And if I’m ever in doubt, I’m going to pull that email out and read it and cry once again. I should get it laminated. 😉


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