Sunday afternoon and evening brought a very exciting celebration for the Punt and Wright families as my brother Eric and his girlfriend Annie became an engaged couple! We gathered together as one big family at the Gateway (Restaurant and entrance to the Sequoia National Park) to celebrate and wish them the best. I think the pictures speak for themselves (but I’ll narrate)…

A gorgeous backdrop, don’t you think? Eric choose a good place. Of course, Ry and I still don’t know the proposal story, so you’ll have to ask the happy couple.
The only pic of me and I like it so I’m gonna include it. 🙂
Ok, I lied, there are 2, but in this one I’m having a temporary freak-out at the thought that I forgot their gift back home… I did not.

And here is a photo of Ryan because I think he’s incredibly handsome and I love him.
The moms, planning…
Chris… well, just being Chris. 😉
Don’t these moms look excited?
After that, we settled in and had our meal… but that’s when the planning starts…
First the moms…
And even the dads…
But not without a little more celebrating!

Eric and Annie, we are so happy for you and wish you the best as God guides you through the wonderful journey of engagement and then marriage. May your family be blessed and full of joy!


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