It was kind of a crazy busy weekend and one in which I wasn’t feeling well a lot of the time (lots of headaches lately), so it’s going to be hard to write about, but I’m willing to give it a try considering the exciting news to share. But that part will have to wait just a bit… 🙂 Like you don’t already know!

On Saturday my mom and I attended the annual spring tea/luncheon at Grace. It’s always such a good time with lady friends, amazing food and desserts and a great message. This year the theme was “Spring Cleaning” and focused not only on the practical aspect of cleaning your home (are you surprised that my mom shared on that part? 😉 ) but on doing some “spring cleaning” to our hearts and emptying out the lies and junk that don’t need to dwell there. It was excellent, as usual. I always look forward to the Spring and Christmas teas!

While I was with the ladies, Ryan took a motorcycle ride with the men of Grace out to Avila Beach. Thank goodness for warm and rain-free weather. He seemed to have a good time but was pretty exhausted when he got home. That’s a long time to ride when he hadn’t ridden in several months. We were both pretty pooped after that and both fell asleep at some point on the couch. The older we get, it seems, the more that naps become essential. How sad.

On Sunday, we headed off to church in the morning and then ran by our house to check out the progress, which is one of our weekend rituals. We were so excited to see the outside painting had begun and the front being prepared for the stone application. Wow!

We walked through briefly and were pleased to see the first coat of paint up on the walls as well. It’s just so so WHITE! We definitely agreed that it will need some color eventually. Now, what color? According to the progress of the houses down the street (which were started just a week or two before ours), this next week may bring the stone and final outdoor painting, a full driveway, flooring, and more interior work. Just 5 weeks to go!

Look, our first house guest…. ewww!

Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for…  but wait… this one is going to take a whole new entry. Stay tuned…


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