Today was an exciting day. Pretty momentous for me as well. Because today, with the help of my handsome delivery man Ryan, I completed my first (paid) baking job! The customer was a co-worker of Ryan’s who approached me weeks ago about baking a special cake for her adult son’s birthday. Through a series of emails, we came up with the perfect flavor combo and added in a sandwich ring for the party as well. My excitement grew!

This week, our kitchen has been filled with a flurry of activity and planning, and last night, I assembled the masterpieces. Though doing something like this does bring a certain level of stress (I’m a perfectionist, this was my FIRST real baking job and our current kitchen is very difficult to cook in), it felt so good to do something I love for someone else and get paid to do it. I got just a little taste of what that might be like… to love your job. What a great feeling.

In the coming weeks and months, as Ryan and I transition into our new house and adjust, I’m going to be fervently pray for God to open doors for me in this area. For the first time in my life, I’ve felt a calling to eventually leave the corporate world and pursue something different and maybe even to work at home.

My stronger feelings are guided by the fact that I feel that God blessed each and every one of us with gifts and talents, some latent and some that he expects us to sharpen and use. Call me crazy, but I think this baking thing might be one of the latter things. Baking might just be my calling, and not only my personal ministry, but my way of contributing to our financial health. So much to think about and pray about.

I leave you with just a sneak peak of the cake and sandwich ring [pic from a previous post – I left it uncooked so she could heat it up fresh] .

Triple layer rich chocolate cake, soaked with Fleur de Sel salted caramel, filled with raspberry and frosted with a creamy choclate buttercream

Linda, I wish your son the happiest of birthdays and hope that the celebration with friends and family is filled with joy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this for you. Please, enjoy!


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