Yes, just 32 days until our scheduled closing on the house. We can hardly wait. At this point, we’re pretty antsy, pretty tired of the daily commute and seeing enough of the progress to really WANT to live in the new house.

Can you blame us? She’s just gorgeous (and I don’t know why I figure it’s a she?). This weekend we got to see a few new additions – a driveway and walkway to our front door, the outdoor stone application and a few other touches.
And then we walked inside…
It was quite thrilling to see the start of our beautiful tile, a back patio, and… this gorgeous kitchen in the works. I love these cabinets. And that is why I didn’t freak out when Ryan pointed out that they weren’t the right ones. The color and everything is right, but we had upgraded to a “pop up” cabinet which adds more storage and a little more dimension. So… we’re trying to get that sorted out this week, but I’m okay with it. Things happen.
I’m too happy with what the house looks like and knowing that it will be ours in about a month. How crazy-blessed we are!

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