We’ve just returned from a wonderful and again, brief, weekend away in Willows. It’s so hard to make that long drive and then turn around and come home just a day and a half later, especially when we have such a good time with Mummy and Pop (aka Mom and Dad-in-law).

This weekend I was exposed to the very special and exciting Willows tradition of the Willows Lamb Derby! What is the Lamb Derby? Hand-to-my-heart I still don’t know for sure. I didn’t see one live lamb! But, as I understand it from the Chamber of Commerce website, the Derby was started in 1934 as a fundraiser with lamb races, bean feed, band concert, flower show and a large ball at the end… as a way to revitalize the local economy (and morale, I suspect) as everyone was in the throes of the depression.

The modern-day Derby (or Lamb Slam, as I like to call it) consists of a parade, food and vendors in the park, a race, and a few other little events. Nothing like a small-town good time!

Ryan rose early on Saturday to run in the race. He did well, even finishing first in his age bracket and 6th overall. Of course, we don’t know but he might have been the only one in his age bracket. 🙂 He won a bag of pistachios. 🙂

After that we gathered up and headed off to the parade to watch and enjoy and cheer on my Pop, who is running for County Supervisor. Though that was obviously our favorite part of the parade, I hate to admit that were drawn to a different kind of drama unfolding on the streets. Because, as the first riders stood proudly with the American flag, one of the horses, well… dropped a load, right in the middle of the street.


The rest of the parade honestly became a game of “who is gonna walk in or drive over the poo.”

Grand Marshall vs. Poo?


Queen and Court vs. Poo?


Ooo! Marching Band and Cheer vs. Poo??


FAIL!!! Come on!!!

Tractor vs. Poo?


Shriners in Go-Carts vs. Poo?

YES!!! We have a winner!

It was a very eventful parade! 🙂 This float from Black Bear Dinner won the award for best float or whatever… it was cute. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

And look, Smokey the Bear! I have such fond memories of Smokey from my childhood.

Hey, the Poo Guy was there too…. a little late but worth the wait, I guess?
And at the very end, there was our proud Pop, riding in a classic 1946 Jeep with dear friend Ron. Way to go Pop!
We headed over to the park to savor in some delicious chicken from KFC, and some salads, sides and dessert from Mummy. It was yummy! We set up a booth in the park to do a display for Stella and Dot. It was good practice for me to do a display outdoors where things are unpredictable, like the wind that kept knocking over my signs and the fact that were next to the bird man.
Gotta show some love and support for my Pop!
It was a good day, but long and exhausting. By the time we made it home, Ryan was doubled over with a pretty bad migraine. While he rested, Mummy and I caught up on our chatting and ran to check out a few local stores and grab some Starbucks.

The next day we headed to church to celebrate Mother’s Day. And after that headed to Chico to have some Burger Hut (possibly my favorite burger joint on the planet since I was first exposed by the Corums) and do just a little bit of shopping. 🙂

And then… the sad packing up of the car and the long drive home. It’s hard to say goodbye. The drive didn’t feel as long as some of the ones we’ve made in the past, but I attribute that to rousing conversation with Ryan and the fact that we worked on our Bucket Lists. Hey, anything to pass the time!

Thank you Corums for the lovely weekend. We can’t wait to do it again soon.


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