So here we are! In our beautiful new home. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and blog, but I’m going to cheat and backdate this entry so you won’t even know. 😉
Moving Day came and went on June 3rd and 4th and can be deemed a success, but not without a lot of hard work. Had it not been for our few helpers (deep thanks to Seth, Dallas and our new neighbor Frank for stepping in to help) and our incredible team of parents, who average an age of 60 between them all… I just don’t know what we would have done. If I wasn’t already incredibly grateful for my amazing in-laws and parents before, I sure am now. I am convinced that they are all superhuman.
After getting off a work a bit early on closing day (Thursday), the Corum “fire” was ignited and a decision was made to begin moving on the Thursday night instead of all day Friday. Though intense and exhausting at the time, hindsight has showed us how invaluable that decision was. Between the heat, the lack of extra hands, and the amount of stuff we had to move – we could have never done it in one day and in one trip. By Friday-end… we were completely spent.
Pop Corum was kind enough to take a few photos… though none are flattering, they accurate depict this chaotic move.
“Why yes, I do get my pink cheeks from my mom! Thanks for asking.” 🙂 Like I said… heat… plus lots of boxes… plus not a lot of hands = one tired set of folks!
I now have lots of people asking to see the house, get the grand tour, and see pictures of the house. I’m afraid I can’t yet do that just yet, as the house is still in a state of disarray. Not nearly as bad as moving day…
But, not exactly camera-ready either. I promise that updates will come. A housewarming will be planned. And many a home tour will come. Until then, we feel so incredibly blessed, and a little bit out of place in this brand new space, but so overwhelmingly happy. Thank you God for this gift. We dedicate it to you and to the establishment a safe and joyful place for our future family.

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