I haven’t been much in the mood for blogging lately. Not much in the mood for anything, really. Yes, it must be a case of the “pre-summer blahs” if there is such a thing. Of course, I can no longer use that excuse as today marks the first official day of summer. I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go? We’ve been blessed with incredible weather the last few months and it’s been hard not to roll my eyes while reading constant Facebook comments about it being too cold, too windy, too rainy (I’m guilty on that one, at least once) and too unpredictable. But here we are, nearly all the way through June and we haven’t have one triple-digit day. PRAISE the Lord for that.
I’ll never forget my first summer here. I moved up on June 1st, 2001. It was a record-setting hot day. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was something close to 118 degrees. I’ll have to look back for sure, but I remember it being devilishly hot. Even with the heater blasting, my car overheated as it crested the grapevine and again several times as we stopped to let it “breathe” along 99 Northbound… my dad and I, a small 2-car caravan, with everything I owned. Sweat was dripping down my legs, back and into my eyes. Just two miles from home, I blew a tire on the on-ramp to our sweet town. I knew then I was in for a rough transition in my life. I don’t think any summer has felt as hot as that one. I lived in the pool, became deep brown with tan and cried a lot. Thank goodness that time has brought a lot of change, and each hot summer reminds me of how much I’ve changed.

So as I welcome this new summer and all that it brings, I’m trying to remember all of the good things about summer. The things that make me happy. The things that make me smile despite the sweltering heat and the hate I have for the way my legs look in shorts. This is what I came up with:

  • Eating fresh, ice cold watermelon slices as the juice drips down my chin
  • All-you-can-drink iced tea
  • Agelessly running through the sprinklers
  • Swimming until my hair is saturated with chlorine and my fingers are wrinkled like grandma’s
  • BBQs
  • American Flags and the 4th of July
  • Fireworks
  • Getting lost in a book for hours on end
  • Sand between my toes
  • Seeing the sun out until 8 or later
  • Eating ice cream as fast as possible so it doesn’t melt
  • Escapes to the coast
  • Sunflowers
  • Tan lines
  • Air conditioning
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade runs late at night
  • Sunday afternoon naps with my sweet hubby
Cheers to a wonderful summer!

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