This is a weird and random thought, but I really want to learn how to grill. I don’t know why I don’t already have this skill, but barbecues have always scared me. The smoke and flames, poking forks and giant spatulas, giant pieces of sweating meat… always felt like “guy territory” to me. But every time I watch Bobby Flay on TV and other shows where people grill, I’m always intrigued. And kind of jealous. It’s the one culinary feat that I haven’t yet conquered (that, and making French Macaroons which I still consider impossible).

What I do know is that I want to learn to grill with charcoal. Though Ryan will argue this with me till the day we die, I think charcoal grills though slower are FAR SUPERIOR to propane and gas grills. The taste alone! Ryan, it is not the same! 🙂

Then I stumbled on this little beauty…

And I totally want it! How cool is this grill?! It’s blue – my favorite color. This is totally a sign. 🙂
Though I’m not sure it’s in the stars (or our pocketbooks) this summer, I’m going to make an effort to save for my own little gas grill and get to grillin’! Look out Bobby Flay!

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