If I haven’t mentioned it before, Independence Day is one of my very favorite holidays. I love everything about it – family gatherings, BBQs, swimming, laughter, fun, fireworks and celebration. Celebration of something we all take for granted far too often – living in a country that is FREE. Though we are surrounded by somewhat of a “mess” a lot of the time – we are a country still at war, with lots of political turmoil, and a massive oil spill that is still threatening our beautiful gulf day-by-day (just to name a few things) – we could still get up on Sunday morning, attend and worship in a church of our choosing, drive our car wherever we wanted to, eat a wonderful lunch, rest in our beautiful new home, spend time with family, eat tons more wonderful food, laugh, light off fireworks and just BE without the threat of someone coming and taking it away or saying that we could not do any of those things.

Though our country and mindset has started to forget the basis of founding our beautiful nation, it was founded by strong, wise, and faithful GOD-FEARING and RESPECTING men. We were reminded of this during our worship service in church where several quotes were shared from that historic day in 1776 (and I wish I could have written them down), reminding us that this country was founded under GOD and that the men who took that first step toward liberty did it under the will and leading of GOD. How far we have fallen… now trying to take the name of God off of our money, out of our pledge of allegiance, out of our courthouses and silencing our prayers.

And that is why I love this great holiday. It’s a day of celebration and remembrance and a glimpse into the nation we once were and hope to be again. It’s RED, WHITE AND BLUE and everything American.

We had a great day. Church was wonderful. Worship was so powerful. There is something amazing about being able to sing My Country Tis of Thee in a church, along with a few other patriotic hymns. It was a beautiful sound. “God Bless America, land that I love!” After some lunch and a brief rest at home, we headed over to my parent’s house to celebrate with my parent’s and Eric’s very-soon-to-be family. Swimming, food, fun times, fireworks and much more. What more could you ask for!


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