Well, here we are, just a few weeks into summer and I already feel like the life has been sucked out of me. Granted, it hasn’t been nearly as hot as it could be and we’re in a new energy-efficient and cool home but… I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s my energy level, my incessant back pain and headaches lately, or my lack of inspiration that just has me in a state of “blah”.

I’ve had lots of friends ask about the progress on the house and mostly about decorating. Even in that department, I feel a bit “blah”. My mom was kind enough to take me out a few weeks ago and bless me with a little shopping spree. I love all the pieces I got and love how they are looking in the house. It’s taken a while to get them placed in their designated spots but I’ll likely move them around anyway until they feel right. We’ve hung a lot of stuff up on the walls but still have a huge pile to go. I guess I just feel like there a too many unfinished projects lying around. I just want to get one first room done so I can build momentum.

But I guess what’s stopping us now are the little “speed bumps” we keep encountering. Though there is a large speed bump called MONEY… well, I’d actually call that a road block, I’m more concerned about the little ones.

For example, we have owned this home for 1 month and already have this problem… Spotty, sad, and nearly dead grass. It took us a week and a half to notice and figure out that our sprinklers didn’t seem to be working right. After lots of investigation, we found that the landscaping company that came to quote us on the back yard had turned off the main water valve to test the water pressure and had neglected to turn in back on. 😦 A week and a half of no water during our heat wave? Not good for grass. Though, neighbors that stopped by to chat are telling us that a lot of lawns in the neighborhood appear to be having the same patchy grass problem, so maybe it’s something else. We bought some grass patch filler that we hope to try out this week.

Just a speedbumps among many but it’s felt kind of overwhelming as we start this early settling phase. We’re hoping the “smooth sailing” part comes soon. This nesting stuff is hard work!


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