I am craving something like crazy right now. This might not seem like such a big deal. I crave things often, and no, I’m not pregnant. The problem with this meal is that it’s impossible to get to. Well, not physically impossible, but financially impossible at the very least.

I’m craving Nick’s Fishmarket. Nick’s Fishmarket… in Maui. As in, Hawaii. As in… a long way away and many many dollars worth of travel and vacation time.

But oh… I cannot get the Grilled Hawaiin Opah with candied peanut crust, blue crab slaw and thai red curry-coconut sauce out of my head. I am not kidding when I say that this was THE BEST MEAL OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Can’t you tell? I actually memorized the entire description. If I were to die tomorrow, one of my final wishes would be this meal at Nick’s Fishmarket. I’ve never eaten anything better, been treated nicer and been more in love than in that moment. It’s one of those moments that are indefinitely burned into my memories.

Maybe it’s because it was our honeymoon. Maybe it’s because we were staying in the nicest resort I’ve ever seen and probably ever will see. Maybe it’s because I was rockin’ a hot, tan body and finally, finally felt like a beautiful women. And maybe it’s because I was finally a Mrs. and married to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. But man, oh man, I cannot get that dish out of my head… and the smell of the sea, and the orchids scattered on every plate and tucked into my hair, and the taste of a really really good mai tai or lava flow, and the beautiful smiles of the Hawaiians, and the blue of that water and the white sands of those beaches.

Let’s see – plane ticket = $800. Hotel = $500+. Food = $550+. Car rental = $200. Think I can swing it??? 😉 At least I can [barely] afford the $37 seafood I’m craving. But wait, that’s just one meal. Ah…. Worth it.


2 thoughts on “A craving to end all cravings!!!

  1. Lorinda says:

    try the internet to see if the fishmarket delivers and all you need to do is warm it up.. dry ice works miracles.. cheaper than the flight..

  2. The Habben's says:

    I miss my honeymoon so bad too!! Don't you wish life could be like that all the time? Someday you'll make it back…too bad someday always feels so far away 🙂

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