I figured it was about time for a blog update and specifically, an update about the house. I realize that I probably drove everyone nuts with weekly updates and photos from every angle on the building of our home but have posted almost nothing about it since we moved in. Part of that is my embarrassment over not feeling like I’ve done much with the house and the rest is just being plain busy.

Despite what face value shows, we actually have done a lot… just things that you might not notice unless you were us and had to go to Lowe’s at least 3 times a week within the first month of settling. We have become all too familiar with Lowe’s. It’s not that the house needs any repairs or anything. After all, it is BRAND NEW. It’s just that “stuff” that comes up and the things we never realized we needed until we got our own home (i.e. a step ladder = absolutely indispensable). And Murphy’s Law. The law that states that if it can go wrong, it will, basically.

The bulk of our time has just been spent unpacking, getting things into the right place, moving it 3 or 4 times (I’m very guilty of this) and toiling over decorating. I love to decorate but I don’t feel very stylish a lot of the time. I’ve resorted to a massive collection of “inspiration” images which I’m hoping will guide me on this little journey.

We’ve also spent a lot of time painting, though you couldn’t really tell since I’ve only painted two bathrooms and then we painted master bedroom just a few weekends ago. It all takes so much time and energy!

I guess to get this kicked off easier, I’ll share the rooms that I consider at least 90% complete… the bathrooms. Betcha can’t wait for the Before and After shots??? 🙂

This is what it (and Ryan) looked like on the final inspection:

Exciting huh??
Here are a few more from after we moved in:
Yeah, I know. Not exciting and definitely not very flattering shots… of a toilet. But…
Here is what it looks like NOW:

A nice thick coat of Valspar paint in Wool Coat (a cool taupey beige), a new mirror from Lowe’s, a recycled set of prints from my mom’s house and a few towels from Overstock was all it took to bring the bathroom together. Though I’d love to find another little “pretty thing” for the top of the toilet or something, this little water closet is good-to-go.

This one started as a blank canvas too…

And here it is now…

We found and fell in love with this beautiful color of paint from Lowe’s, Valspar paint in Shark Loop… a soft, calming blue. We used the same shower curtain from our old house but updated it with a curved hotel-syle shower bar. I pulled together a few accessories that I already had stored away and made them “new” along with a pretty print of some birch trees that Ryan bought me from Target after I had a bad day (isn’t he the best??). The one spot I’m still working on is the “toilet room”. I painted it a shade of beige that kind of matches the shower curtain (Valspar  – Seagull Beach) but have still been searching around for a piece of art or something to tie it together. It’s pretty blank right now but I guess you can expect that from a toilet room. 🙂

So that’s what our bathrooms are looking like. I know, not the most exciting part of this virtual home tour, but a good start, right?


One thought on “What’s this? A house update? YES!

  1. Mama Monkey says:

    Looks incredible!! You are obviously far better at the decorating than you make yourself out to be :)p

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