I wanted an excuse to use the word niche so I guess I’ll blog about my favorite niche in the house right now. 🙂 It’s been so much easier to focus on small portions of the house (hence my work on the bathrooms first) rather than working on the many huge rooms in the house. Sometimes it’s not even a whole room that I work on. Sometimes it’s just a little corner.

Such is one of my favorite parts of the house…

Like much of the house it started with blank white walls and… well, that’s about it.

Since then I’ve transformed it into this cool little ensemble…

And like I said, it’s one little area that I love and am kind of proud of. It looks like I know what I’m doing, right? This is one of the walls in the entry area of the house just when you walk in the front door.

The wall art was such a cool find and a gift from my mom when we went on a housewarming shopping adventure several months ago. I saw it at Steinmart physically gasped because I was so excited. I had to have it… and the matching urn and wood branches.

The console table is an awesome find from a small furniture boutique in Reedley that Ryan and I just love. You’ll be seeing more pieces from there around the house in the future – everything is beautiful , well-made, and totally affordable.

The pic on the plate stand is one of our favorite engagement shots (the infamous dual foot-pop)…. Was that really 2 years ago?!

The Willow Tree statue was a wedding gift. The leaf platter I found in Paso Robles on a recent vacation. While Ryan was getting a massage, I wandered through the local boutiques and antique shops and found it. The owner told me an interior decorator from San Francisco had just been looking at it (so I do have good taste?!). And the books at the bottom are a wedding album and a few other photo albums I’ve put together along with a porcelain box that was a gift from a work friend.

If I could only be so passionate about the rest of the house. 😉

I’m still trying to decide if I want to paint the walls… the problem is that one wall connects with lots of other walls and would lead to a LOT of painting. So I think I might postpone the rest of that until a later time.

Oh well, more to come…


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