It looks like I’m on a bit of a blogging roll right now. This is a good thing as it’s an indicator that I’ve actually got a little free time in my life. Despite it being a crazy, busy and stressful week, I was able to do something fun and something that I have a passion for so I thought that was worth sharing!

I was blessed this week to be able to prepare cupcakes for a bridal shower for a beautiful bride-to-be at my church this week. Though I’d like to say I was “hired” based on my talent and reputation, alas, my mother was one of the planners so… I was enlisted to help out in the form of cupcakes.

I’ve realized that I take the things I am passionate about very seriously and my perfectionism comes out in spades. I’ve spent over an hour looking at and editing one photograph… and in the case of baking, spent hours planning, testing and practicing all to get it “just right”. I feel like I accomplished something great this week and was very proud of the final results.

What starts as a simple (but decadently good) chocolate cupcake (sorry, no, I’m not sharing a recipe for this one):

Excuse my ugly cupcakes pans! New ones are on my wish list.

… gets dressed with lovely handmade sugar flowers, butterflies and pearls…

… but not without a swirl of luscious vanilla buttercream… before it’s nestled in little white boxes…

I didn’t get to stay around and see the set up or how they were received but I heard some great feedback. With each time I do these little “baking jobs” I hear more and more comments about doing it professionally – at least on the side of working full time. I definitely feel a knocking on my heart to do something with this talent and passion that I have. As I continue to think and pray about it, I’m encouraged to see doors opening. Who knows what the future will bring?

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