What I have affectionately dubbed “Birthday Weekend” has now come to an end. It’s hard to let all the fun and celebration go! It’s a quirky thing to have a birthday one day apart from your spouse. Ryan and I have learned to make it work and combine celebrations when appropriate (like our Disneyland trip last year) and keep things separate at other times. We did the latter this year.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night having a BBQ with a bunch of our new neighbors (well, I guess we’re the new neighbors technically). It was GREAT fun and we grow more and more thankful that we’re building friendships with the people that we live around. We didn’t want to live in a neighborhood where we didn’t know or speak to anyone. Having actual friends that we can hang out with is more than we could ask for! We’re hoping the trend continues in the homes that appear to be popping up all around us. Here’s a very blurry photo of some of the gang:

On Saturday, my birthday, I started off with a yummy breakfast and opening a few cards…

After that I headed off to the day spa for the morning (a wonderful birthday treat from Ryan) and had a long massage and facial. It was ahhhh-mazing and such a nice way to kick off the day. I haven’t had that kind of relaxation in ages. After that I headed out to lunch with my bestie Michelle at our favorite Thai place. Again… ahhhh-mazing. I don’t make it out there very often so when I do it’s a yummy feast that I can’t get enough of. All calorie counting was definitely off for the weekend! Though we planned to get pedicures (another thing I almost never get to do but always want to), I had surprisingly had enough pampering so we decided to head to the mall and do a little shopping. Of course, I had to buy yet another pair of shoes! And, a few other things too. 🙂 After the mini-spree, we headed back to my house and shared a decadent chocolate cake that Michelle was kind enough to bake for me. Isn’t she the sweetest? Oh… but not before singing my special birthday song and doing a little dance.

And a little scary! 😉

I opened another gift from Ryan – a beautiful black pea coat that I’ve been trying to find for a long time (and it’s a Michael Kors, fits beautifully and is absolutely perfect!). He’s so good to me.

Our rest was brief before I was off and running to get ready for a fancy dinner out with Ryan. Though I absolutely love to dress up, I can tell it’s not really on Ryan’s list of fun things. He was kind enough to make an effort for me. And though I always overdress, it felt nice to get “dolled up” for him.

We shared dinner at Tommy’s downtown and it was fantastic as usual. He then presented me with another gift (sort of) – the Amazon Kindle that I’ve been asking for for well over a year! Well, it’s an IOU/pre-order for a Kindle that should arrive later this week. I can hardly wait!!! Now I should finally be able to get a little more reading done.

After that, we headed home and straight into comfy clothes, settled on the couch with yummy ice cream and watched a movie (a gift from Ry) until our eyes became heavy. It was the perfect day.

On Sunday, Ryan’s big day, we slept in (always a treat for Ryan and I). After lazily getting out of bed and dressed we headed out to pick up Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and some coffee drinks. Ryan knows how to celebrate, huh? It was a big time sugar rush! We lazed around a lot of the morning (and afternoon) in between opening a few presents (a motorcycle manual, some guitars strings and two pairs of shoes that Ry wanted).

His sweet new Nike kicks!

It’s so fun buying gifts for Ryan and I just wish that money was no object. In the afternoon we headed down to the Tulare outlets to shop using some birthday money.

Ryan was able to find some basketball shoes (which he’s been searching for a long time too) {SEE! I’M NOT THE ONLY SHOE HOUND IN THIS FAMILY!!!} and a new pair of sunglasses (that he needed desperately – he had been super gluing his old ones!) along with a new shirt from the Gap. We grabbed a quick snack before heading back home to relax a bit more. That night we headed up to Fresno to indulge in some BBQ at Doghouse Grill (a huge favorite of Ryan’s) and meet up with friends we haven’t seen in ages. It was such a great day!

And now we’re back to reality. Tired and not ready for Monday… too tired… a gentle reminder that this is the last year of my 20’s! I can’t think of anyone better to spend it with…


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