Gah! Is it Monday already? What happened? I blinked and the weekend is over. This is emphasized by the fact that I had a lovely weekend away with the ladies of GCC (and already miss it), I’ve got mad crazy PMS and am moody beyond belief and, as is the usual lately, I’m sleep deprived. But let us not dwell on such negative things (especially since returning from a CHURCH retreat! LOL!) and get to the good stuff.

I will preface this with an apology that I did not take more photos and that I’m not in a single one of these. BUT… it was just because I was enjoying myself and relaxing so thoroughly that I kind of forgot to take photos, not to mention not really wanting to lug around a huge camera all weekend.

The weekend was filled with great fellowship with old and new friends. I had never been to Hume Lake before and was just awed with how beautiful it was. I’ve spent most of my “mountain days” on the eastern side of the Sierras so I’m always surprised at what can be found over on our side. Mental note: get up there more often!

Some personal highlights from the weekend were:

1.  Time with my mom, whom I drove up and back with and roomed with. It’s amazing how we can always find something to talk about. I can’t decide if my throat was sore from the smoke that filled the valley from a nearby fire OR if I just talked too darn much?!

2.  Laughing, talking, crafting, singing and connecting with the ladies of Grace…

3.  The beauty all around us. I took a long walk around the lake on Saturday afternoon after a bad headache finally released its grip from me and I marveled at the scenery. I don’t have a single photo from that walk because I didn’t want to carry anything. Take my word, it was gorgeous! My only regret is not making the hike up the hill to our cabin to get my tennis shoes. Walking 3 miles on a trail in Uggs = not smart. My feet still hurt.

4.  Learning an incredible amount about myself, my expectations of my life and being challenged in really cool ways. I’ve learned so much but have so much to learn as a woman, wife and eventually as a mother.

5.  Being so creatively inspired! Hanging around so many talented, creative women has really kick-started my creative juices. I’ve already got a few projects in mind, but am going to start by creating some cool cake dishes after being inspired by the awesome decorations this weekend. Check these out:

Lowlights? Only one. At the point of complete and total depth and honesty while our dear speaker Shelly was sharing on Saturday night, 3 BATS DECIDED TO ENTER AND FLY ABOUT THE ROOM LIKE LITTLE MONSTERS. Those who truly know me well know that bats freak me out to the point of sheer terror and possible loss of bladder control. Ugh! It was awful. They settled and we settled and Shelly graciously finished and closed strong, but that kind of sealed the deal with me not playing games that night. I just couldn’t sit in a room with bats hangin’ off the ceiling. * shiver *

We’ve got a nutty busy weekend ahead of us in Corum Land. A house concert with Benjamin Winter on Friday night, the bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law on Saturday and our long awaited housewarming party on Sunday. What were we thinking?! Actually these events just randomly piled on top of each other throughout the past few weeks/months. I’m just praying for energy, patience, and a magically clean home. Sigh… I’d better get to it!


One thought on “The hills are alive with the sound of… women!

  1. Dana says:

    1. LOVE that you're divulging PMS on your blog.2. I will never back down on my opinion of that makeshift candy cake.3. Great pictures – can I be you when I grow up?4. YOU were fo shizzle a highlight of the weekend for me! =)

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