One room in the Home du Corum that is quickly working its way toward being finished is our guest room, or I should say one of our two guest rooms. I’ve somewhat “bookmarked” the other room to become a nursery, in time… and we don’t have any furniture for the other one so it will have to just wait. Because the color palette of our home is pretty consistent and subtle, I wanted to get a little creative and take a bit of a departure with this room. Hence, the color scheme of black white and RED!

I love how this room turned out and can’t wait to make a few finishing touches to make it even more dramatic. I considered painting one of the walls red, but just didn’t have the heart or bravery to do it. I’ve seen red walls gone bad and just couldn’t bear the thought of Flamingo Pink instead of Deep Scarlet. I’ve seen it people, and it’s not pretty. I considered painting one black too, and then I just laughed at myself because that’s ridiculous. I think I’ll leave the walls creamy white and spare myself living nightmares. The cute branch and bird decal from Upper Case Living suits me just fine. I just love their stuff!

Believe it or not I had been saving that curtain rod since I moved out with Michelle in post-college days. That’s like 7 years ago! We ran by Lowe’s and picked up these crinkled white sheer panels and voila! A complete window. I thought about trying to find the perfect red ones, but I just didn’t want it to be overkill on the red and I like how soft and dreamy the white panels look.

I picked up the bed linens on the cheap at Target back when I was trying to decorate the spare room of our old country home, and just bought a red pillow to throw in there. The furniture has been with me since I grew up and became a big girl and bought my own, except for the hope chest (which you can’t really see in the photos… this is a Punt family gift that contains all my memories and treasures and was given to me upon high school graduation. It’s precious to me and proof that I’m an “old soul”. Another proof-giver that I’m on old soul is the gumball machine that I’ve had since I was a little girl. It lived briefly in my mom’s office at the church, much to the delight of the kids as it was always filled with candy. I asked for it back (rotten me!) after I thought about this room. I’ve neglected to fill it with candy but might have to do that for our guests.

A few accessories are all it really took to pull it together. I basically looked for anything black, white or red when I was unpacking and relegated it to the room. I had a hard time finding just the right art for the walls but stopped dead when I found this print on Etsy. It is part of a series that the artist does but this one really touched me because it’s San Fran and that’s where Ryan and I got engaged and it holds a special place in our hearts. Plus, red umbrellas! Super cute, right?

This is from a set of two that’s been in our family forever. I just love it.
I even found a photo with black, white and red!

The only thing I really want to do is find a set of mirrors (I imagine 3 square black mirrors, oh, or red, to hang above the bed) and maybe something else on the blank wall? I don’t want to overdo it.

I picked up that awesome lamp shade at POTTERY BARN on clearance!
My favorite touch are the shell necklaces hanging on the corners of the bed. These were placed around our necks as we arrived in beautiful Maui on our honeymoon. 🙂  

One thought on “Be our guest, Be our guest!!!

  1. Dana says:

    I love that print you found with the umbrellas! Don't you love to find art that feels like it's just for you?!Three black framed mirrors will look great on the wall – and one large one on the ceiling.

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