I have a confession. Hallways kind of freak me out. Yes, I said hallways. Especially in the dark. When I look down a hallway, I almost always envision someone chasing me down it, stepping out of the shadows into it, jumping out of a room into it to scare me or having it stretch into oblivion like a bad dream or a case of vertigo. It’s like a scary movie moment a lot of the time, like the scenes from The Shining. Yes, this probably signals some sort of severe psychological issue that I should probably explore, but what I want to talk about is decorating one. Are you lost yet? It’s ok.

Seeing that our housewarming party is just a few days away, I’m scrambling to get done the things that I keep making excuses not to do. I’ve found that it’s not the expensive or time consuming projects that I put off the most – it’s the tiny little tasks that take about two minutes that I never seem to make the time to do but endlessly bug me when I walk by them. Such is the project I intended for our hallway.

Ooooo…. spooky.

My greater mission was to make our hallway look a little friendlier and thus, squelch my fears. Because of my infinite love for photography, my passion for preserving memories and my love of art, I’ve collected quite a few frames and pictures in my days. I’ve always wanted to hang them up in a collection or collage. When I started seeing it pop up in the catalogs, blogs and magazines I read, I thought our hallway would be the perfect destination.

But the frames and photos have been sitting for months now it’s been bugging me every time I walk down the hall. I finally decided to tackle it this week and get those buggers up. First, and this tip is imperative, lay them out on the floor the way that you want them or make paper templates that you can tape to the walls before you start recklessly making holes in the wall. I toyed with mine a lot before I got them right, and still ended up changing it when I finished.

I must say, I am super satisfied with the results. I even left some room on the end to add on as our lives progress (and when I can afford more frames) ;). 

I admit that the hallway, along with several other surfaces, needs a coat of paint but that will have to wait until I’ve got more time on my hands. 

Housewarming party? Ready or not!


One thought on “From the depths of our hallways

  1. That is exactly what we did with our hallway. Black frames and all. Love love.

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