This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting an awesome band for the 2nd house concert at our new home. I wasn’t able to attend the last one as I was out of town on business so it was nice to get to be a part of this one. This time around we hosted the awesome Benjamin Winter and his band (full title Benjamin Winter & The Make Believe).

So those who don’t know us, specifically the story behind Ryan and I meeting, will not likely know what a house concert is. Well, you start with a living room… you move around some furniture… make it look “concerty” and have an awesome and talented musician play for your friends, family and neighbors. Weird? Maybe… but after meeting Ryan and being exposed to it, it all makes perfect sense to me. And those who love them feel much the same.
Ben and the guys were such an awesome group, both musically and in personality. The show was great and seemed to go pretty well despite some technical issues and their piano taking a total dump. 😦 They are pros and didn’t let the frustration showed and rocked out anyway.
It’s so fun seeing independent musical acts come to life in your own living room. We feel blessed to be able to get the opportunity to do it. It’s also kind of funny to wake up to a musician sleeping on your couch. 🙂 Say hello to Justin…
Actually, my favorite part is always getting to spend some time getting to know each band over dinner, or breakfast. They are such real and genuine people with cool stories and goals. Our hope is that our home is a respite and rest to them as they are on the road. Our other hope is that our friends will check out these bands and spread the word. There is some real talent out there people! And they need our support more than those hacks like The Jonas Brothers.

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