Greetings. This photo probably means nothing to you and it frankly doesn’t mean a lot to me either. Unfortunately it’s the only photo I took while I was traveling to and around Phoenix for the past 6 days. This is what an airplane looks like at 5 am in Fresno. Don’t ask me why I could muster up the energy to take a photo at 5 am but NONE the whole rest of the trip. Maybe it was the fact that I was crazy busy. Maybe it was the fact that it was like 1 million degrees outside. And maybe I’m just lazy. Either way, I had a great trip and had some fun new experiences with my job AND got to spend a couple days with my wonderful Aunt and Uncle. I like it when I get the chance to combine a business trip and time with family that I so rarely get to see.

Phoenix (and the surrounding area), though unseasonably hot right now (from what I hear), is kind of a beautiful place. I love the hills and peaks that jut out of the desert, the picturesque tall cactuses that loom below and the different plant life. My aunt reminded me that I’ve always had an affinity for nature and for science, and she’s so right. I’m always the one to pick up a rock and exclaim over how cool it is, or excitedly point to a cloud and marvel at its beauty. Though embarrassing at times, it’s a quality that I like about myself. Yes, the rep I was traveling with laughed at me when I enthusiastically pointed out a bunny rabbit hopping along in the chaparral at one of our schools, but I don’t care. I hope at least one of my kids has this quality. A child-like appreciation for this beautiful creation we live in. And I LOVE that my husband has it too. I recall one night before we were married when we were staying with family. Me, camped out in a trailer with my brother and Ryan, camped out on the porch underneath the stars (beds were scarce). As we all settled in for the night and were just starting to drift Ryan excitedly exclaimed, “Jenn! Baby! Come here! Come here!” I told him, “This better be good” and drowsily got out of bed and thumped out of the trailer. “Yes, babe?” And that’s when he said, “Look at the stars! They are beautiful!!!” And though I was annoyed at the moment, THEY really were. I look back at that time now and smile knowing that we will raise our children to appreciate the small things and to take in the beauty that surrounds them. And I really like that thought.

It was an exhausting trip, just jam packed with things from morning to night. When I finally made it to my aunt and uncle’s house, I was officially dog-tired and spend the remainder of the time relaxing and reading. God love my relatives for putting up with a slug like me on their couch. 🙂

Though I had a fantastic time, I was so eager to get home and love on my hubby and Jackson. I really missed them and our little nest. It felt so good to be home. And so so so much cooler!


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