Do you see me???

The hubbs and I have been going a thousand miles an hour for months now… weddings, travel, work stress, and all sorts of other events have just about worn us out. We’ve been wanting to break free of this routine for weeks and spend some real and quality time together. We’ve also been itching to do something new and different. Though not as exhilarating (or crazy) as sky diving or something, we decided to try out a festival. Namely, the Springville Apple Festival, this Sunday.

We had a great time! The weather held out though the sky darkened a bit.

Though we expected apples to be abundant, we were surprised at how many things apples could be added to. We started out the day with some yummy apple pancakes and sausage (apple syrup optional).

Apple tamales, anyone?

In between eating a bunch of fattening, gut-busting food, we walked around and checked out the sights and vendors of Springville and made some new mountain friends. Mountain people can be… interesting.  😉

Business up front

Party in the back!

Don’t mind us, we’re just here for the food. 🙂
Ummm.. too much greasy food


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