One of the peripheral perks of a family wedding is the family that comes (and stays) in town to enjoy the festivities. Weddings bring out the faces that you don’t get to see or spend time with nearly often enough. Such is the face of my Auntie B who came all the way out from Iowa for the special event. I love my “Aunties” and no, the quotation marks are not a mistake. You see, half of the women in my family I call “Auntie” are not really an Aunt to me at all – they are my mom’s Aunts or otherwise, but to me, they’ve always been “Aunties”.

Auntie B is a fun lady with loads of spirit and smiles. She had a ton of energy and a great outlook on things. I admire her a lot and hope to have her spark as I grow older.

We took a day and escaped to the coast to chat, frolic in the sand and waves and just to have a good time. It was a wonderful day that was good for my soul and so relaxing. I didn’t want to say goodbye… to my Auntie or to the wonderful day. The pictures speak for me.


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