A tragedy occurred on Saturday night… and then a wedding, but let’s stick with the tragedy part first. I was filled with joy over the weekend knowing that our wonderful friends Aaron and Leah were getting married. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since I found out they were engaged. Aaron has been like my “son” for the past 2 years and I’ve grown to really love Leah and think we are going to have a great friendship. I was blessed to take their engagement photosseveral months ago and I love this couple so very much. So… imagine my desperation and terror when I arrived at their wedding on Saturday evening and discovered that my camera would not work! I almost cried. I worked with it several times toggling all the settings, re-formatting and re-setting it, re-mounting the lens, and even shaking it out of desperation at one point. No luck. It was toast. It could take pictures, but with no zoom, no focus, no metering… nothing! I seriously almost cried. I couldn’t imagine sitting through the wedding and not being able to take a single photo. Sure, I tried, but they were terrible and evidence of that is below.

My only saving grace was that Ryan had brought our small point-and-shoot camera and got some behind the scenes shots that only a best man could get. I appreciate that we have SOMETHING to remember that day by.


By this morning I was absolutely depressed about it, thinking that this Photographs and Memories blog was going to be sans-Photographs for a little while. I read the camera manual, checked the Nikon website for troubleshooting tips and even resorted to posting something on a camera expert message board. The answers came back with a resounding – “you’re hosed and you need to take it in to get it serviced and repaired.” But something didn’t feel quite right to me. I spent over an hour in the morning toggling and re-setting it, changing lenses and settings and just about everything else I could think of. In the last moments before giving up, I turned the camera around, looked at the buttons on the front that I hardly ever use and caught sight of one that I’ve honestly never even really noticed before. On one side of the switch, “M” and the other side “A”, similar to the switch on the lenses. Manual and Automatic? No way. It was on M. M as in MANUAL. As in… “old-skool-do-everything-yourself-mode”. I flicked it, pushed down the shutter and bam! It worked. I was all at once elated and crushed knowing that I could have figured this out BEFORE the wedding. Either way, I’m glad that I got it fixed myself. I can’t wait to see the photos that their photographer captured for the day.

Speaking of the wedding, it was so gorgeous. Leah was an absolute vision in her dress. She looked like a wedding dress model and had the hugest smile on her face all night. The guys looked so handsome in their tuxes too (including my handsome hubby!). The colors were also so gorgeous. I would have never thought of that combination of green and pink but the bridesmaids were absolutely glowing in them. This was probably aided by the sun that turned golden and started to set just as the ceremony began. The lighting was incredible. We were so grateful that the weather held off and tiny rain drops began to fall only after the reception was starting to come to a close. Thank you Lord! It was hard going to the wedding by myself essentially, as Ryan was busy being the best man, but I’m very thankful to my good friend Jake for keeping me company and being my “date”. We had a good time and a lot of laughter.

Aaron and Leah, we love you so very much and are so proud of who you’ve become, as individuals, and now as Man and Wife. We pray that you will find refuge and comfort in your new home and will fill it with laughter and memories. We are blessed to call you friends and know that God will bless you in your marriage. Congratulations!


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