What began as a dream, then as a silly whiteboard countdown at work, has now become a reality!

Yes, after months of planning and a lot of anticipation, Ryan and I have just returned from beautiful Puerto Vallarta! A few months ago we were trying to figure out how to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Though Hawaii came to mind we knew that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate in such style every year. I’m not even sure how we came up with the Mexico idea, but I’m sure glad that we did. We saved up our pennies dollars and booked the trip at an all inclusive resort on Riviera Nayarit in Nuevo Vallarta.

Though it didn’t start out smoothy…

Yes, leaving town after a long day of work (for both of us) and immediately running into a few hours of traffic, mostly through Bakersfield, did not bode well for our pre-vacation excitement. But, we made it in decent time, promptly hit the sheets at our park-and-fly hotel in L.A. and geared up for vacation fun. We were obviously ready for a good time because we barely slept.

Our outgoing flights went smoothly, despite some severely annoying passengers who felt the trip to P.V. constituted it to be a “party plane” and proceeded to stand, beers in hand, in the aisles for over an hour, chatting loud and being obnoxious…. thankfully, we arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the early afternoon, ready for fun.

After some brief harassment from the time share sharks at the airport (they are the worst!) we were able to get a cab ride to our hotel… the scariest cab ride we’ve ever had.

Though he doesn’t look very intimidating from the back, our driver was THE CRAZIEST DRIVER I’ve ever seen. I thought I had seen it all with California drivers, but boy was I wrong. Mexico cab drivers have a whole new way of driving crazy, coming within inches of other cars and weaving in and out of traffic – even onto the sidewalks and side streets! Thankfully we made it to the hotel in one piece, were handed drinks, got checked in and went around to check out the grounds. 
The Riu Palace Pacifico is a beautiful place!
As you arrive the staff greets you with “Welcome Home”… it was definitely pretty easy to call this place home for a couple of days. The first night, we got cleaned up and headed downstairs to grab some food and drinks and check the place out a little bit more. We both felt weird the first day or so as it felt strange to think we were actually in Mexico. Maybe it was just the reality of knowing we were on vacation? It has been such a long time!
Most of our days blended together, in a wonderful mix of relaxation, rest and celebration. We spent most mornings or afternoons by the pool, sipping drinks and soaking up just a little bit of sun. It was heavenly. The weather was absolutely perfect every day – warm and sunny, humid, but not a cloud in the sky. It couldn’t have been better. 
The food was also fantastic. Most of the time we ate from the buffet, which was plump full of delicious selections that we more than filled up on. We tried out a few of the restaurants on grounds as well but really preferred the buffet. Lets just say our stomachs became way too accustomed to the all-you-can eat meals.
And each night we returned to a cute animal towel sculpture and chocolates on our pillows. šŸ™‚ Even champagne on our anniversary. ā¤
Because Mexico isn’t the safest of places right now, we stuck to the resort for the most part. They put on some shows in the evenings and of course, lots of drinks and entertainment…
Gotta indulge in a little cigar when in Mexico, right? šŸ˜‰
The Michael Jackson show was pretty cool
But by far, my favorite part of the evenings were the beautiful sunsets. On the evening of our anniversary we got dressed up and headed down to the beach to try and capture some of the beauty before our special night out. We ended up doing that again a few nights later because it was so pretty out. The beaches were flooded with people doing the same. šŸ˜‰ Can’t say that I blame them.
AMAZING, right?!!
We did have one rough morning and afternoon when, just after breakfast, I started to feel a little “ucky” and promptly headed for bed…
But with a wonderful hubby taking care of me, I recovered quicky. 
Just in time to take care of the hubbs who felt kind of “ucky” the next day…
We we are real troopers and recovered well, even gaining enough energy to head out of the hotel for an ADVENTURE. After a little mental positive self talk, I was ready to go! Though still scared I wanted to be a part of something fun and different and something close my my dear hubbs’ heart. So we decided on a Canopy Adventure! What started as mildly terrifying (an hour drive deep into the mountains and then hiking up way into the trees) turned into A LOT of fun. Seriously, I had a blast. I love how the pics turned out and am so glad the touring company offered the option. The Sierra Madre mountains are beautiful!

My husband is such a rock star. He’s a natural and a pro at these courses. It was a little more challenging for me (the athletic dud in the gene pool) but I was really proud of all that I did. It was a great day for us and so memorable.
That night we rewarded ourselves by heading into town for a dinner out. It was… crazy and fun. We made the mistake of following the advice on Pippi’s menu: “Don’t drink the water, drink the margaritas”. What they neglect to tell you is how HUMONGOUS the margaritas are:
The rest of the night can pretty much be summarized in these follwing photos. šŸ™‚
It was a fun fun night. šŸ™‚ And a great way to cap off the last night in P.V. Especially since our journey home would be so… challenging. 
We arrived at the airport right on time, if not way too early, and sat around waiting for the flight. About an hour before the flight, the airport started to buzz with activity and it was soon announced that “US Flight 342, you are being delayed as the Puerto Vallarta airport is now closed. We will announce more information as we hear it later.” Ummm…. what? 
After rumors swirled and guards would not allow us to look out the windows on one side of the airport we came to find out that a plane that had just landed had trouble with their landing gear, came down rough in a sort of crash landing, and became stuck on the runway. After over 5 long hours of waiting, we were finally able to board the plane to Phoenix… cramped as ever into our seats. Why don’t they make seats for tall people. We know, it’s called the Exit Row!
We arrived in Phoenix late in the evening – too late to get a flight to Los Angeles. So, after a few stressful moments we booked a flight for the next morning, found a hotel and found a much needed restarant (no food all day = baddddd). We chowed down, hit the sheets with another sleepless night and headed out in the morning for L.A. The rest of the trip home went smoothly… as smooth as an additional 5 hour drive can go. 
Though there were a few rough patches in there, we wouldn’t trade the week for anything. It was just what we needed for rest and rejuvenation and the perfect way to celebrate two wonderful years together. Thank you Mr. C for a wonderful week. I love you so very much and am so happy to be by your side. Can’t wait for our next adventure together!

One thought on “Viva la Puerto Vallarta! Celebrating Year 2

  1. Mama Monkey says:

    So jealous!! Looks like you guys had a great time šŸ™‚

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