This weekend we officially kicked off the holidays at my parents home with some new and old traditions. Now that we’re all paired off and building our families, it is fun to get the opportunity to get together still as one big family. And, celebrating the start of the holidays makes it that much sweeter.

We started off with a yummy lunch prepared by mom. Man, that woman can cook! Along with a bunch of sandwich fixin’s, dip, chips and drinks, she had whipped up two big pots of soup! Taco soup and Pea Soup (a fave of the Punt family to which many turn their noses up at – granted, it’s green soup, but it’s so yummy and my mom makes the best one we’ve ever had).

After lunch it was time to get down to business. Dutch business. Namely, the making of Oliebollen and Stroopwafels. Though my bro and I have had plenty of experience with the art of making Dutch sweets [Remember last year?] , it was time to baptize Annie and Ryan into our crazy world. We had a wonderful time together, and after a few initial hiccups, were off and running. Annie and Ryan did a great job and we’re confident they are ready to join our crew. 🙂

You can’t bake without an apron!
Smiles make everything better.
At first, shock…
Then astonishment, to find out that a batch of Stroopwafels has 1 POUND of butter!
Our awesome little helper
Part of the aftermath
The results!
Just hoping for some scraps 😉

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