Our Thanksgiving started off the same as last year, and just the way we like it… with decadent sweets that we only break out for the holidays. 🙂

My cinnamon rolls are one of Ryan’s favorite things (if I may quote him – though I don’t think he would disagree) and Thanksgiving is one of the few times where I’m brave enough to make something with dough from scratch. Though being a pretty skilled baker, dough recipes have always scared me. Something about the yeast and rising and kneading and rising… terrifying. But, judging by the smiles and “mmmm mmmm mmm” sounds, I think they turned out  pretty great.

We honestly didn’t do much else on Thanksgiving this year, but truly rest and relax. It was just what we needed to recharge our spirits and spend some time together. We did, of course, venture out into the light of day to take our annual photo in the fall leaves, but not before taking Jackson for a long walk.
We suspect that Jack enjoys our holidays off of work as much as we do, as he gets unbroken attention. What dog could resist that? After more resting, we headed out to find the perfect spot for our fall leaves photo. Unfortunately, because of the late winter and cold temperatures only setting in fairly recently, the leaves in the valley have only just started to turn, let alone fall to the ground. We improvised after a long drive and chose the Kaweah Oaks Preserve, and though the leaves are only just starting to change even there, it made for a beautiful setting.
I couldn’t resist including an “outtake”… running to jump up on the log didn’t quite work out.
That evening, rather than cooking a gigantic Thanksgiving feast for just the two of us, we headed out to a restaurant to feast. The meal was wonderful and a lot more fun than having to spend hours in the kitchen myself. We headed back home to watch some TV and cuddle up on the couch. Though simple and quiet, we had a wonderful day together.

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