Well, I can hardly believe it, but December, and 2010, come to think of it, is almost over. I’ve gotten behind in blogging. This happens when life is busy, you work 40+ hours a week, and you’ve got a dog and hubby to take care of, plus all that holiday shopping/cooking/baking/wrapping/planning/stuff thrown in for good measure. Overwhelmed? Me? Fuhgetaboutit. No really, I’m exhausted BUT excited because December and Christmas in general are my very favorites. Rather than trying to back track and blog the little tidbits we’ve been up to, I’m going to bomb it out in one mega entry and, because I am lazy, I’m going to utilize sub-titles.


What has our pup been up to? Well… a lot, and most of it, not good. Because of our busy work schedules and the rainy weather that is upon us, Jackson and his active life have been a bit interrupted. As a result of very few walks and too many long days in the backyard and a few more holed up in the house, he’s gotten a bit bored. A bored dog is a destructive dog. Did you know this? Yeah, me too but I kind of forgot about it and being naïve, thought our little pup was perfect.

Do you see that? What is it? A giant hole that the pup CHEWED through the fence in order to get out from the backyard. The sad part? I was HOME when this all went down. I was sitting on the couch, catching up on my Fringe when I heard a kind of weird noise. That weird noise was followed by another weird noise, then a “whap” a “scratch” and a BARK… at the front door. I open the door to find dear Jackson, sitting happily on our Welcome mat, completely covered in mud. After exclaiming, “What the @#$ are you doing?!” I wandered around to the side yard and found said hole. I was… less than pleased at this and let Jackson know that was not acceptable behavior for a Corum. He seems blissfully unaware of what he did wrong. It’s been a battle to try and block this new hole and not get a repeat of this episode.

The next day I found him in the washroom surrounded by bits of blue cloth. I knew I was in for some fun * sigh * A short search revealed that he had torn a large hole in his dog bed, and scattered the scraps around. Again, he seemed ecstatic that I was home and totally unconcerned when I help up a scrap and asked, “Jack, just WHAT is THIS????”

Mr. C and I are sure this new development in behavior is a result of not enough activity and stimulus in his life. We promptly went to Costco and bought him a big bag of bones to chew on, a fresh tennis ball and, when the rain permits us, some more walks.


This category is dedicated to the hubs. Mr. C has been plagued with extreme back pain and discomfort for months now and after an MRI revealed some issues with disks and nerves in his lower back, we had to make a decision on treatment. Thankfully, Mr. C was finally able to meet with a specialist just a few weeks ago who promptly recommended a few options for treatment – a few of which we didn’t like and then a spinal injection. We opted to go the injection route. That procedure took place a little over two weeks ago.

Mr. C was a real trooper and so brave. I can’t say the same about myself. Just sitting in the waiting room made me dizzy and fidgety. I hate hospitals/Dr’s offices and just about anything medical. The procedure went great, and was super-fast. Before he knew it, he was sitting in recovery talking to a nurse and sipping water. Though he was pretty out of it, we were able to grab some lunch and be home just a few hours after it all began. Many hours of sleep were all it took to recover. The injection seems to be doing what it should and Mr. C is finally feeling some relief. He’s even been able to play a little basketball and do some running again. I’m grateful that it’s gone so smoothly and hope he continues to feel better and eventually pain free.


Things look pretty much the same around our Casa as far as painting and decorating projects go. We’ve made plans for the next couple of rooms but just haven’t had the time or money to move forward. We do have one pretty awesome addition to report. After a few months of saving we were finally able to purchase a dining room set. Our little pub table only sat 4 and had a few years of wear and tear on it. We eyed this new table at our favorite furniture store almost 2 years ago! We were able to order it and pick it up just a week later. I think it looks so great in our living room and it seats 6! We can’t wait to have some friends over and break it in.

The next project, which I hope to accomplish while I’m off work for Christmas and New Year, is to paint our office. We’ve already got all the supplies and paint ready to go. We just need the time to do it. More to come when that project gets underway.


We’ve been having a lot of fun this December, just getting ready for Christmas, shopping for gifts and spending time with friends and family. Our Tacky Christmas party was definitely a highlight and made for a fun Christmas card photo. I’ve been making every effort to get the Christmas cards out, gifts bought and wrapped and baking done well before Christmas day. So far, so good.

We did something new this year and think it was legendary enough to build an annual tradition out of. We took a spontaneous trip to San Francisco this weekend to escape from the holiday rush and just enjoy ourselves. Though rainy and dreary, it was a fantastic day filled with fun, shopping, cupcakes, food, friends, music and sweet quality time with Mr. C. It was honestly probably one of my favorite days this year. Though a bulk of it was spent on the road, we made it to so many fun locations (Visalia to Gilroy, Gilroy to San Jose, San Jose to Palo Alto, Palo Alto to San Francisco and San Francisco back to Visalia!) and had a blast. Sadly, there are no pictures, but purely because we were having such a good time that we didn’t even think of taking photos. The memories are enough for me. Oh, and the cupcakes too!

In just a few days, we’ll head up to Willows for Christmas with the Corum family. We’re excited and happy for some time with them, away from the hustle and bustle of work. This Christmas has come and is starting to pass by all too quickly. It’s hard to believe that we’re about to embark upon the year 2011 already. But, we’re excited at what the holiday season and this New Year will bring.

In case I don’t get a chance to blog before then, we wish you, family and friends, the merriest of Christmases. May you spend a moment reflecting on the wonderful gift of our Savior and the miracles He gifts to us. Be blessed and celebrate with those you love!


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