Happy 2011!!! Our New Years celebration was great, despite an hour or two without power. We chatted, ate and drank the night away with our dear friends/neighbors. In true fashion, Mr. C and I re-enacted the New Year that started it all – 2008 – when we shared our very first kiss, just a minute or so after midnight due to Mr. C and his shyness? Hesitation? I don’t know. All I know is that we became a couple later that morning and New Years has a special place in my heart ever since. We just have to add in that pause when it strikes midnight every year. 😉

But today we had a little bit of a rewind and celebrated Christmas #2 with the Punt family. Though my mom tried to be strong I know it was pretty hard on her to not have either of her kids or family around for Christmas this year. We opted to celebrate on New Years Day and had a wonderful time together. Of course we had to indulge in a potluck of “snackies” (appetizers). It was delicious and fun!

Any excuse to stay in your PJs, right?


It’s good to have my bro’s new family involved because it means Christmas once again has children and… TOYS! The boys seemed to really love their gifts, but I really have to confess, I think the adults loved them just as much. Especially the Hot Wheels racetrack!

It was kind of fun to celebrate two Christmases this year. It made the holiday season last just a little bit longer and gave us an excuse to leave the tree up for a little while longer. It was hard packing everything “Christmas” away this week, but we’re excited for what 2011 will bring.


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