Hellllooo out there? Thanks for tuning in, even though we haven’t updated in weeks. Blogging is a funny thing. It’s really simple at its most basic core – just writing about life and posting pics and all of that – but once you get out of the practice and element of doing it, catching up seems like a monumental task. And that is precisely why this site is frankly still “lucky to be alive”. I’ve often thought of just hitting the DELETE button and wiping it away. One less thing on my To Do list. One less social outlet to feed. But then, I’ve also thought of re-making it into something more fun, more generic, more scattered and less personal. I guess I’ll resolve to do nothing now… but to catch up.

The last few weeks have been rough ones for Mr. C and I. This new year of 2011 with new promises and goals hasn’t been as kind to us as we had hoped. Mr. C is strong and steadfast and seems to be the one holding it together right now. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I’m trying. When I felt like it couldn’t get much worse (why do we even bother thinking or saying such things? It can always get worse!), it did.

Just a week or so ago, our pup Jackson, who, I will preface with this fact – is like a child to us – became suddenly and gravely ill overnight. Though it seemed he had lost a little “spunk” over a few days, by Monday morning, he had thrown up a ton of blood, and was curled up, lethargic and weak, in a ball in our garage. Mr. C promptly took him to the vet, where a battery of tests revealed nothing and everything all at once. Our pup was definitely gravely ill… but from what, they could not tell us. By the evening we were forced to transfer him to an emergency vet for overnight care. I took one look at him and knew, we were going to lose him. We weighed out our options and tried to stay strong, but when the decision to proceed with treatment or surrender to this illness and let Jackson go came, we broke like glass. We can’t describe the pain and heartbreak of being faced with a decision like that, with such financial strain for something you love so dearly and with so little answers to guide you along the way. We decided to wait out the night, give Jackson a chance to reveal what was going on, and sleep on it. After a tearful goodbye, which we really thought would be the last, we headed home to try and rest. The sadness and sickness in his eyes was overwhelming. My heart literally ached in my chest.

After a sleepless night, we arose, numb and broken, to head to the vet. In our minds, that day, we were doing to put Jackson down. The decision, however painful and difficult, was made. I can’t describe the shock we felt as we arrived and Jackson was led out into the waiting room. A dog who was all but circling the drain 12 hours prior looked over 50% better. He wagged his tail. He licked our hands. His eyes were starting to sparkle again. We were dumbfounded. We continued to be dumbfounded the rest of the day as the vet informed us of his constant improvement. By the end of the day, he was ready to come home. And, though tired and still a little weak, he was happy to be home and nestled right into his pillow as if nothing had happened.

And now, a week later, he continues to improve. Though he’s on every medication possible and has to be fed and monitored every few hours, he’s becoming good ol’ Jackson once again. We still aren’t sure what happened, and neither are the vets (hence, the endless supply of pills – they’re treating him for everything) but we’re grateful.

We’re so grateful for the incredible care that both of our vets and all the techs and staffs gave to Jackson. He seems to really touch people that come in contact with him. We’re grateful for each new day with him and a second chance to love this dog. So, what started as a bit of tragedy has become a mark of miraculous healing power. Let’s just say… this dog is going to be mighty spoiled from now on!


One thought on “Sick as a Dog

  1. Poor Jackson! I can imagine how devastated you both were! I am so glad he is okay! What a trooper!

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