For some reason, Mr. C never gets sick. It doesn’t make sense. He’s exposed to the same things every one else is. He doesn’t eat his veggies. 🙂 He’s just as stressed as the rest of the world. But the man just doesn’t get sick. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a “sickly” person at all, I usually pick up at least one cold or bought of the flu once a year. This year’s quota was met this past weekend where I picked up a cold while traveling in San Diego for work throughout the week. Though it wasn’t as severe as some I’ve had, by the time I got home from my trip, I was wiped out and in need of some serious rest.

As timing would have it, we were supposed to be heading up to the mountains for a much anticipated ski trip with our neighbors in Huntington Lake/China Peak. Not wanting Ryan to have to miss out on something I know he’d been dying to do, I sent him out on his own and made a healthy dent in the couch. I know the trip was great, because Ryan came back with that “glow” that men get when they attend a really great sporting event, do something super manly, or do something they truly enjoy. Ryan is this way with skiing and with hanging with his “bros”. I’ll let his pics tell the rest of the story.

I think I was supposed to be in this one? Ryan says I need to use the magic of Photoshop

I’m sad to have missed the trip but happy that Ryan got the chance to ski with his buddies. I know that sweet white powder has been calling his name. I hope we get the change to get back up to the snow before it melts all away.


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