Every once in a while, you just NEED to get away. Actually, now that I’ve typed it, that’s an understatement. We pretty much ALWAYS feel the need to get away. The difference is actually being able to. I’ve noticed that as the years tick by, adulthood takes over and the ever-growing list of responsibilities make these getaways less possible. This is a grim reality in our house right now… and we don’t have kids yet! I’ll put that terrible realization aside for a moment and share of our most recent getaway.

Stress was mounting in our home and making it difficult to relax even in our off hours. Mr. C could tell that a meltdown was on its way, so he planned a quick weekend trip for us to the Paso Robles/Templeton area. We stayed with some distant family (second or third cousins) who turned out to be just the most lovely, hospitable and enjoyable people. We are so thankful they let us (including Jackson!) stay in their beautiful home.
We got to sleep in and relax, in between being treated to a wonderful breakfast out, some time to peruse the shops in downtown Paso, eating other yummy meals and just enjoying each other’s company again.
A highlight was our brief trip to Moonstone Beach; a favorite spot of ours in Cambria. We even found a small stretch of the beach that allows dogs and got to expose Jackson to the sea and sand. I think he enjoyed himself a lot. And, I know that we did.
Cupcakes make everything better!
Our favorite winery
Valentine’s dinner out
 The drive home was another story…

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to go home. 


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