I am a bargain hunter.

No, I mean, I am a Bargain Specialist.

Emperor of Clearance Racks.

Sale Stalker.

Coupon Enthusiast.

There are few things that really excite me like getting a good bargain. But I do put a lot of effort towards it. I’m constantly clipping and saving coupons. I’ll search the internet for hours for the best deal on something I can probably get a mile from my home. I suscribe to tons of coupon and sale newsletters and countless bargain “members only” sites. I dart for clearance racks when I enter most stores. I get giddy over red markdown stickers (Target is the best!). I’m happy and proud of all of these efforts. I’ve scored some amazing things a result.

But sometimes. Just sometimes… it just gets really old.

Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I don’t want to use a stinkin’ coupon. Sometimes I just want to get what I want to get and I don’t care what the price is. Sometimes these purchases feel like a treat. A luxury. Sometimes it just feels really good to treat myself.

Enter in – POTTERY BARN.

You know what I’m talking about. On most days, I can’t even afford a pillow from PB, let alone some of their gorgeous accessories. And don’t even get me started on the furniture. I’d have to sell an organ on the black market. But when I thumb through that catalog or browse the site, I drool. Designer Drool. I’ve resorted to re-creating their creative looks when I can and I’ve been fortunate to score a few great things in their clearance section.

This week I wanted a TREAT. Thankfully, I did have a gift card (thank you sister in law!) just burning a hole in my pocket from Christmas and I had a little money tucked away for the house.

While thumbing though the catalog, I found this and just about died.

Yes, it’s a ladder. A shoe ladder to be exact. And I know it’s frivolous and ridiculous and completely too expensive for what it is. But I loved it. So I bought it (and so did many others because it’s now SOLD OUT). And it looks perfect in my bedroom.

I still smile when I see it. It’s a little luxury that I sorely deserved. I’m worth it, right? You are too and that’s why I’m giving you permission to go treat yourself to some “pretty” this week. Just don’t tell your husbands I’m the one that suggested it. 😉


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