This past weekend we enjoyed what may be becoming the annual tradition of the family… spending Mother’s Day weekend in Willows for their annual celebration called the Lamb Derby, or as I’ve affectionately called it, Lamb Slam. You may recall last year’s post about the famous Lamb Slam? This year was no different, only better in fact, sans poop patrol during the parade. However, despite that lack of entertainment, it was a great parade!

Jackson did great during the parade. We think he’s a fan of the parade genre.

Yes, that is a band aid on our dog’s chin… he had a cut on his lip and surprisingly let us apply a band aid, and it stuck there for hours!

The blue-ribbon-winning church float! We were so proud!

The most beautiful and sweet parade participant… my mum in law. 🙂

Who promptly came and sat with us for the duration of the parade

Each float, like the Rose Parade that requires roses on each float, requires a lamb

Jackson made a friend along the way.

The rest of the weekend passed by all too quickly. We had a wonderful time relaxing, chatting, and eating too much food as usual!

We really love these trips, however short they are. I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have such incredible in laws. I love them more than words can even describe! I just wish so badly that they lived closer to us. That drive is a long one and with work and responsibilities being what they are, we just don’t get to go often enough. I think Jackson was even a little bummed when we had to head home… though I can’t blame him.


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