Well, I’m not going to cheat and backdate a few entries…

A few Saturdays ago, well, April 23rd to be exact, we had our first yard sale at the new house! It may not seem exciting enough to warrant an exclamation point, but the result sure does.

We had stuff piling around the house that I just knew we were ever going to use and though I’m all about donating to a worthy cause, we had so many really nice things that were hard to let go of to a donation and, as always, we are looking for funds to continue to work on the house.

Though early morning hours are never kind, we had a good time and sold out in nearly an hour or two. We ended up packing up early because there was almost nothing left!

The result? Over $500 to go towards our new backyard! We were thrilled and so excited to see how our backyard will shape up in time. We can’t wait to have a first backyard BBQ.


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