Sooooo… it’s been kind of a long time since I’ve blogged. There are just too many non-blog-worthy things going on in our lives. I’m in my “busy season” at work and if you’ve known me long enough, I kind of start to disappear in the spring or, to those who really know (and hopefully still love) me, I turn into a cranky-stress-monster. For that, I’m sorry. And for not blogging, I’m only semi-sorry. I say this too often, but so many times, my index finger has hovered over the mouse button that hovers over the delete button on this blog. Why do I blog? Does anyone read it? Am I blogging for my {very few}readers or for me? Doesn’t this kind of play into the social networking narcissistic sensationalism that I’m so tired of? Whoa, that was pretty judgmental. Again, sorry… But I’ve really had to ask myself these questions and wonder if the blog is necessary. I wonder if Facebook is necessary. I wonder if a cell phone is necessary. Necessary evils these days, I suppose.

So, I press on. But I have to express why I’m here. I’m here for my friends. Those that I never get to see me but still care what we’re up to. Those who want a glimpse of our lives… what me, Mr. C and that silly dog are up to. I blog for our families. Because I love them all and I don’t get to see them enough, from my own in laws out to the cousins, aunts and uncles. I want them to know me and be proud of what Mr. C and I accomplish in our lives, in our marriage and eventually as parents. I blog for an outlet of expression… for my passion for photography, design and baking… and so much more! I blog for the exercise in writing. A skill at one time I was so adept at but seems to have fallen by the wayside. I don’t want to lose these passions! And, for some weird reason, I feel like this blog keeps me accountable to all of these things. I hope this all makes sense and that you’ll continue to read and to forgive me for long absences. Life is still happening. We’re just spending every minute soaking it up instead of documenting.

Hugs to all! Still here,

Mrs. C


One thought on “Just peeking in to say hi

  1. Lorinda says:

    I peek in now and then, when I decide I too should blog.. and your right, when there aren't any comments, just stalkers who have no response, it does make ya wonder… so this is just to let you know… your read..

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