This past weekend my mom and I were just dying to get out of our houses, and just dying to try something new. Enter in the Sequoia Foodie Fest. Since my mom and I are such “foodies” to begin with and because I scored super cheap tickets on Groupon (oh, how I love Groupon!), it seemed well worth the short trip to Exeter. Though the festival definitely has some growing to do, it was a lot of fun and featured some great local foods and vendors.

Some of the many citrus sculptures around the field

The highlight was watching a bit of the local Iron Chef type competition between Harris Ranch and the Marriott hotel. We wished we would have stuck around to see the results, but it was a lot of fun watching and guessing what they would do with the strange mix of mystery ingredients.

It was hard to choose what items we just had to take home with us. Mom opted for a loaf of some fresh baked artisan bread and I opted for a few tins of special pollen spices from Pollen Ranch, which I will have to blog about later, but man, I can’t tell you how surprisingly good they are. I can’t wait to try the Dill Pollen on some potato salad and the Fennel Pollen on some grilled meats this summer!


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