While combing through Pinterest lately, which is an addiction in and of itself, I’ve been noticing a lot of really great nail art. I’m usually not much for doing anything with my nails, except for a coat of clear polish once a week, and a subtle color every once in a while. This isn’t because I don’t value a pretty nail polish, rather, I just have really disappointing nails. They are weak, they break and peel easily and they never get very long. Though, they are recently perking up a little bit thanks to Perfect Formula Gel Coat. If you have weak, sad little nails like me, you will love it. It’s totally worth the $24 price tag.

I always thought my pathetic and too-short nails would put a damper on a lot of nail techniques, but after combing through a few of these ideas, I’m inspired. Maybe this summer will be all about fun nails?

Check out a few of my favorites:

Ombre tips. Very edgy.
I’m a sucker for anything glittery, but this is so… elegant!
I love graphic patterns like this
Love the idea of highlighting just one nail with glitter
This has such WOW-factor!
Ombre nails. This so different, but I think I like it.
I like the new matte formulas that are coming out.
I may have to try a more subtle shade for work though.
This is so fun, but so wearable. I really might give this one a try.
So easy to use multiple colors. It reminds me of an impressionist painting.


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