Excluding the necessity in high school and college to be on time to classes, I was never really much of a watch-wearing person. I honestly think we’ve become spoiled because our electronics all tell the time digitally nowadays. Without a cell phone, I even wonder if people even know how to tell time on an analog clock. Do they still teach that in school?

Though I worry less about time passing now that I’m out of school and in a predictable routine (I’m habitually on time anyway), I’ve become really interested in watches and what a fashion statement they can be. There is something classic about a beautiful and well-designed watch. I’ve got a standard go-to silver-tone watch that I wear almost every day, unless the outfit calls for gold-tone jewelry (note to self: get a gold watch) and a few others that I throw in. I even gifted my husband a very nice watch as my wedding gift to him, and he wears it most days. Watches can be such a powerful and lasting gift when you think about it.
What I failed to realize is that watches go through trends too. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of rose gold, not only in watches, but in all sorts of accessories. I was never really sure how to feel about rose gold until I saw it dotting fashion magazines and other venues throughout the spring. I love how it looks on watches!
More subtle than yellow gold, but it’s got a “sparkle” all its own.
The other trend I’m seeing a lot of and that is really growing on me are colored ceramic and resin watches. They feel so cool, heavy and smooth to the touch. I’m definitely going to have to invest in one soon.
I kind of love this one – it combines the rose gold trend AND the ceramic trend.
The black is SO classic.
There is something really fun about this tortoise shell watch.


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