It’s pretty hard when you get to the age of Mr. C and and I and don’t yet have children. We are always wished a Happy Mothers Day and Happy Fathers Day but feel like we come up short. Sure, we are parents to our sweet pup Jackson, but it’s hard to really feel comfortable with a holiday that you can’t relate to at all. Still, with the excitement of building our family in the future, I felt like Mr. C was reason enough to celebrate. He’s going to be a great dad someday and I wanted to give him a day regardless of our current parental status.

We went to church and then headed out for a pizza lunch, a personal fave of Mr. C (and me too!).

And after a call home to wish his own dad a Happy Fathers Day…

Then we headed out to the batting cages! Mr. C is playing in a softball league again this summer and wanted to get some practice in. We headed out into the scorching heat so he could hit a few. After a round of 30, he was definitely done. But, I’m proud to say, he hit every single ball! Not one sailed by him. I was pretty proud. I’m 90% sure I couldn’t hit 1 let alone 30.

It was a great day, celebrating the handsome man that I love and future father of our kiddos. I can’t wait to do it again next year.


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