Home sweet home! I’ve been in Oregon the last few days on a business trip, helping teach students how to build a great yearbook and giving all the schools that I work with a chance to get to know me. I do love to travel but it seems to take so much out of me. And now that I’m a happily married gal, it’s really hard being away from home. Let’s just say that Mr. C is not a fan of it at all.

Though I must say the cool, cloudy and even rainy weather made life a lot more bearable. Especially after leaving triple digit temps in the valley. I was smiling my heart out in jeans and jackets. 🙂 Those poor kids probably thought I was nuts. When I saw it start to rain, I actually reached my hands up and said “YAY!!!!” 🙂

Oregon is so green and beautiful. I just love it!

The students seemed to have a really great time and enjoyed the camp surroundings. I know that I did. I’m always impressed with how responsible most yearbook kids are. On time to all the sessions, diligently working and creating during breaks, and engaged in all of the information that is thrown at them. Of course, we made time for some games and fun too.

  Thanks Oregon! I had a lovely time. 🙂


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