Happy 4th! What a whirlwind weekend. We are completely exhausted but so blessed to have such a fun-filled weekend with our friends. I wish I would have carried my camera around more and gotten a few more pictures (we are trying to get better about that), but at least we did get a few.

Friday evening we had a wonderful evening with our friends Aaron and Leah. After sharing a big fat pizza we headed to the movies so they could see Bridesmaids, which has to be one of the funniest movies we’ve seen in a long time. However, our plans were thwarted when we found (after standing in line in the blazing sun for 20 minutes) that the movie had been canceled to make room for the big Transformers opening. 😦 Boo! So we headed back and ended up renting a movie and making homemade pizookies. It was still a great night.

On Saturday, we slept in a ton and then fiddled around the house. I spent the greater part of the morning and afternoon making these:

Rather than posting the recipe, I’ll just refer you directly to My Kitchen Addiction where I snagged the incredible recipe. The only change I made was just to add a bit more flour to the dough. And yes, I did end up making the marshmallow filling from scratch. They were… INCREDIBLE. I only got half of one that I shared with Mr. C and it was delicious. We took them to a BBQ at a neighbor’s house and they were gone pretty quick.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… we are so blessed to live in the best neighborhood. We love our neighbors and think it’s so cool that we can count many of them as friends. We spent most of the weekend in some way, shape or form with them. Saturday afternoon and evening brought a pool party, BBQ and fireworks at the corner neighbors. Sunday morning brought a brunch and pool time with our other dear friends and neighbors. And Monday, the sweet 4th of July (a fave holiday of mine) brought some incredible time at the lake with other dear friends (AND NEIGHBORS).

We were so touched to be invited to the lake with Ryan and Julie’s friends and family in the first place, let alone have an awesome time on a houseboat/party barge and boating/water skiing/tubing all day.

Gettin’ the boats ready for the water.
Captain C
Cutest captain west of the Mississippi

We are exhausted, but in a good way. It feels good to be so tired and parched by the sun after having such a good time. What a truly fun Indpendence Day weekend!


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