Last night I was treated to some real domestic bliss. I had a jammin session with my dear friend Leah and her sweet mom. Not “jamming” as in band practice, but “jammin” as in making jam. Strawberry freezer jam to be precise. Though my mom did a great job raising me to be fairly domestic, we never did venture down the jam/canning/preserves sort of domestic route. I guess that doesn’t make sense for a kid growing up in Orange County. But, now living in the valley, surrounded by lush produce pretty much year-round, it’s a must!

My partner-in-crime and I

 I felt so blessed and so excited to be taught such a different thing. The kitchen smelled of delicious berry goodness and we canned a total of 28 jars. Can you believe it?! Don’t be surprised if you are gifted one of these jars fairly shortly as there is no way Mr C. and I can consume 12 jars on our own.

It’s been a fun week full of trying new things for me – GRILLING!

Jammin! and all sorts of home projects! I promise to post more home pics soon.

We are getting ready for a short vacation this weekend and are so excited to get away for a little bit. It is much needed!


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